Our Guide Series products consist of our three core systems. All of our products are built using 100% marine grade aluminum, to ensure that they will never rust or corrode, even in the saltiest coastal environments. Our materials also provide the strength necessary to haul all of the gear you can throw at it, while being light enough to install and remove easily by a single person. These systems are all precision machined for a perfect fit, using the finest CNC and automated systems available, and are coated in a textured black powder coat that's not only easy on the eyes, but ultra durable as well. All Products feature our "pill hole" cutouts that let you secure all of your gear with common bungee cords and ratchet straps.

Guide Series Products

Rear Rack - Features our patented decoy hauling system. Carry 10+ dozen Texas rigged decoys. Multiple hook points and hanging options allow you to use decoy cords from 18"-76". Four spinning wing decoy holders keep your Mojos clean and prevent wear and tear. Upper basket doubles the usable cargo space, and allows you to separate the wet and muddy gear from the things you'd like to keep dry and clean. 

Roof Basket - Designed to bolt to any existing metal roof. Lightweight and durable; A perfect place for all of those hard to haul layout blinds and full body decoy bags.

Front Rack - Lightweight Front rack system that folds up for quick access to the hood area below. Perfect place to haul shotguns, shell bags, or anything else that you want to throw-n-go. 



Our Elite Series products are identical in both design and function to the Guide Series, but with one major upgrade; LIGHTS. We've designed and integrated LED lighting systems specific to each system, that allow you stay organized in the dark, light up the kill hole, or simply see where you're going. All systems are available in standard white light, and stealth red light for preserving natural night vision, and mitigating potential light scatter while you're en route or setting up, on the X.

Elite Series LED Systems

Rear Rack - Two waterproof, shockproof rock lights, flush mounted underneath the rack to illuminate the cargo area. Switch is flush mounted at the rear of the rack for ease of use and instant illumination. 

Roof Basket - A 20" light bar is mounted at the front of the basket for use as a primary driving and spotting light. Flush mounted, flood pattern cubes are located on both sides of the roof basket intended for illuminating an entire area. Drive right into the killhole like it's your boss' parking spot and LIGHT IT UP!

Front Rack - One 10" light bar is mounted underneath the front rack, facing forward to give you that extra reach of illumination, or for whenever you need to shut down everything else and get stealthy on your journey to the X.