Marine Driving System 1.0

For well over a year now, the [QR] Marine Driving System has been in design, prototyping, and testing, and we are proud to introduce the highest performing, custom built led lighting system the marine industry has seen. Starting with the forward facing light, we have integrated (two) [QR] Quad Lights, each producing 6,000 lumens/light, in a combo beam, giving you over 800m of forward projecting light distance on the water. On both sides, we have incorporated dual flush mount scene pods, each producing 3,600 lumens/light in a 120° flood beam. Which, combined with the engineered angle of the housing, produces over 180° of light with zero dark spots. 

Durability wise, virtually nothing will penetrate the custom built housing that has been intentionally engineered with minimal weld points and a focus on press broken angles, adding immense levels of strength ensuring that we have the most durable, highest performing, and longest lasting system the marine industry has ever seen.The system comes standard in a marine grade black textured powder coat with add-on powder colors listed below. There is also an option to add red and green navigation lights to ensure you are legal on the waters. 

With every product that we design and manufacture, versatility is the key focus allowing our customers to have a system that performs at the highest level in any type of terrain or environment by providing light where you need it most. We want you to get to your destination safely and with ease. 

- Nick T.

The Highwater

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